Versatile, lightweight, and dependable, this Lumimuse Ball Head gets the job done with ease. Keep your gear safe with this must-have addition to you kit that is compatible with the full range of the Lumimuse series LED lights. Guaranteed to deliver on quality and reliability, it gives you everything you could need in one convenient package.

Thanks to its universal 6.35mm screw thread, this ball head can be mounted on your camera’s hotshoe mount, a tripod, or an alternative support. A versatile solution, it is suitable for a wide range of photography and videography purposes, allowing you to use it time and time again. What’s more, is that is only weighs a mere 16g, making it a clever addition to you kitbag that can be transported from location to location.

This ball head features a sturdy friction base that allows for fluid 360° pan movements and up to 35° vertical movements. With this intuitive feature, you’ll have more control and precision over you movements, resulting in a high quality finished product. Rest assured knowing that you’ll never jerk you gear at the crucial moment, and save time and energy during you next shoot.

The ball head is included with all Lumimuse8 Kit but will be sold separately for use with the Lumimuse3 and 6, as well as other LED lights. Designed in Italy with the highest standard of quality, it is built to last and will help you get more from you practice.