Manfrotto SY0002-0007 Small Variable ND Filter – 67mm Kit


The Manfrotto Variable ND Filter is an essential filmmaking and photography tool. With 1 to 8.5 stops of light reduction, create a dreamy bokeh effect in your films, ideal for shooting video with DSLR or mirrorless cameras.
Many interchangeable lens cameras do not include built-in variable ND filters, making them almost impossible to be used effectively for video in outdoor applications. The Manfrotto Variable ND filter reduces the amount of light passing through the lens and allows for shooting at wide-open apertures even in bright conditions.
It can also be used for long exposure photography or time-lapse, as it allows you to slow your shutter speeds, giving you the option to shoot glassy smooth lakes and waterfalls.
Made from high-quality Japanese glass, each kit comes protected in a genuine leather case and includes step-up rings to fit additional lens sizes.