Matthews Max Menace Arm


Weight: 215lbs (98kg)

MAX can be positioned flush against a wall, into or around a corner.
MAX works below the horizontal thus eliminating the need for scaffolding.
MAX can be positioned parallel up to a 10′ (305cm) ceiling.
16′ (487cm) extension without adapter. 17.5′ (533cm) extension with adapter.
Self-leveling head with Baby Pin and Junior Receiver.
Fast and easy setup or tear down.
Easily movable at full extension on level surfaces.
Angles are adjustable with light fixture attached.
Use for lights, flags, frames, branch holders or even cameras.
3:1 weight ratio

Features and Benefits
Self Leveling head w/ baby pin and junior receiver
Straight tracking, multi-direction locking, non-marking Tente casters. Best braking casters available.