Nanlite Forza 720 LED Monolight Daylight 720W


The Nanlite Forza 720 offers remarkable luminace levels, maintains very effiicient light output.  Giving out 10200lux at 3m (with 45 degree reflector at 5600K).

A very powerful and versatile light in a compact fixture.  With the traditional Bowens mount the light will fit into your workspace with ease being compatible with so many light shapers and accessories.  Also featuring an advanced yoke that has an umbrella mount for more light shaping options.

A redesigned ballast tower which now has the ability to mount your V-lock batteries to the side of the tower for ease of accessibility.  An antenna booster is integrated into the tower for reliable bluetooth and 2.4G.  A redesigned clamp is included with the kit, giving you more options to mount your ballast tower to different sized light stands, truss poles and other mounting objects.  The curved yoke allows for 360 degree rotation, giving more light tilting angles and a one sided locking handle making it easy to operate for accurate adjustments.


The light will come with a 5 metre connection cable allowing more freedom for mounting your ballast tower and light head further away.

Ultra quite cooling system is optimised for audio recording on set, the fan noise is minimal while the light gives full output.  Rated at only 20 decibels (at 35 degree ambient temperature).

Power Consumption: 800W
Power Supply: DC48V/16.67A Max AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Color Temperature: 5600K Dimming:0 to 100 % continuous
Control: On-board control, 2.4G wireless control, Bluetooth control, DMX/RDM
Dimensions: 475_231_142mm/18.7_9.09_5.59″
Weight(Light): 4.8kg/10.58lb
Weight(Light+Control Unit): 9 kg/19.8 lb
Brightness: Light Only: 1m-31530 lux/2929 fc, 2m-7948 lux/738 fc, 3m-3777 lux/351 fc
With Standard reflector: 2m-23300 lux/ 2165 fc, 3m-10200 lux/ 948fc

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