Nanlite Nanlux Dyno 1200C LED Panel RGBWW 1200W


Nanlux represents the pinnacle of lighting technology. Backed by almost 30 years of lighting experience, the Dyno 1200C is amongst the most innovative, versatile, energy efficient soft LED light sources available.

Developed specifically for movie, television and media production applications, the Dyno Series 1200C delivers exceptional levels of smooth, consistent illumination.

Compact and convenient, the Nanlux Dyno 1200C provides cinematographers and production crews with the perfect softlight solution for both studio or location work.

With it’s beautifully smooth, class leading performance, the Dyno 1200C allows precise control over every aspect of its output. Flicker free, fully tuneable between 2700K and 20,000K and dimmable from 0-100% in ultra-precise intervals of just 0.1% between 1 and 100% of output. Whether you choose tungsten, daylight or from over 16 million available colors, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless.

Featuring an exciting collection of preset, fully customisable effects plus an extensive gel library, the Dyno 1200C allows users to instantly switch between a huge variety of looks, and can match almost any lighting filter configuration. 

The low profile, intelligent design makes the Dyno Series quick to set up and easy to operate. The system’s intuitive interface and clear, 4.3 inch display provides effortless control over colour temperature, satuation, intensity and frequency. 

Compatibility with wireless protocols plus DMX connectivity brings further flexibility when used as individual units or as part of a linked installation.

Built using state of the art LED technology, the Dyno 1200C has been expertly engineered to combine stunning levels of ultra-efficient, low energy illumination with complete control, allowing users the artistic freedom to innovate and explore.