Photographic Solutions Digital Survival Kit includes 4 x 17mm Swabs, 15ml Aeroclipse, 10 x PEC*PAD sheets, 1 x e-Wipe

Photographic Solutions

The Type 2 ULTRA Swab Digital Survivor Kit from Photographic Solutions is designed as a travel-sized accessory pack that contains everything you need to clean your lenses, filters, and camera sensor while in the field. This kit includes four 17mm Ultra Swabs and Aeroclipse Digital Sensor Cleaning Fluid to clean oil, dust, and debris from your digital camera’s CCD or CMOS sensor. The highly absorbent swabs do not shed fibers when swiped across the sensor, and the cleaning fluid dries quickly to avoid leaving a residue. A 10-pack of PEC-PAD Photo Wipes is included, and these lint-free wipes are non-abrasive and suitable for cleaning LCD screens, filters, lenses, and more. An E-Wipe is also included, and this soft, pre-moistened cleaning pad is safe for most kinds of optical glass.