Photographic Solutions PEC*PAD 10 x 10cm Non-abrasive Lint Free Photo Wipe 100 Sheets per pack

Photographic Solutions

Measuring 10 x 10cm and offered here in a quantity of 100, the Photographic Solutions PEC-PAD Photo Wipes are nonabrasive, lint-free wipes safe to use on coated optics. Clean photographic lenses, binoculars, and telescopes without scratching the delicate coatings on the glass. The wipes are very soft and can also be used to safely clean sensitive surfaces such as photo film, CDs, mirrors, scanners, and inkjet print heads. The 10 x 10cm size wipes are best suited to 35mm film and other small surfaces.

The PEC-PADs can also be combined with optional Photographic Solutions PEC-12 photographic emulsion cleaner, ECLIPSE optic cleaning fluid, or AEROCLIPSE digital sensor cleaning fluid, as needed.