Prolycht Parabolic Softbox Quick-Fold 150cm Bowens Mount


Soften the output of your Orion 675 FS light fixture, creating a luscious beauty light with this Soft Dome for Orion 675 FS LED from Prolycht. The 150cm (60″) diameter of the dome bathes your subject in even illumination and creates large circular catchlights in their eyes. The depth of the Soft Dome provides directional control with sharp falloff.

Attach either or both included diffusers to soften the output. A fabric grid allows the output to remain soft, while controlling spill. The Soft Dome is compatible with the Orion 300 FS, as well as other fixtures that utilize the Bowens S mount. The 16-sided modifier easily attaches to your fixture, and is collapsible to fit in the included carrying bag.