RODE Lavalier GO Professional Lavalier Microphone White


The RODE Lavalier GO in White is a professional-grade wearable 3.5mm lavalier microphone. While designed to pair perfectly with the RODE Wireless Go; the Lavalier GO will suit most recording devices that utilize a 3.5mm TRS Jack microphone input.

Offering crystal clear audio, the Lavalier GO White is designed to perform excellently with any broadcast application. Featuring a discreet 4.5mm omnidirectional microphone, the Lavalier GO works well in all environments and is discreet enough to place anywhere. Giving you even greater flexibility in fast-paced situations.
Additionally, supplied with your Lavalier GO 3.5mm microphone is a foam pop-shield. Minimizing wind noise and vocal plosives, as well as a durable mounting clip that provides quick and easy rigging. Also featuring a hard-wearing Kevlar reinforced cable; so your Lavalier GO will withstand the rigors of any shoot.