Rode Podcaster MK2 USB Broadcast Quality Microphone


The RODE Podcaster Mk2 is a broadcast-quality USB studio microphone aimed at Podcasting. Offering a dynamic, end-address solution that combines broadcast-quality audio with the simplicity of USB connectivity. Allowing you to record directly to a computer, without the need for an additional interface. Honing their microphone technology since its inception, the Podcaster MK2 gives you top-notch sound quality with a user-friendly interface. As a result, the Podcaster is a truly convenient studio mic, that gives you everything you need as a modern-day podcaster.
Including audiophile-quality 18-bit resolution and 48kHz sampling A/D converter; the Podcaster mic processes all the AD conversion internally. Acting as its own interface and allowing you to enjoy professional-quality audio.

Additionally, the Podcaster mk2 features a headphone output on the body of the microphone. Providing zero-latency monitoring, so you can hear exactly what you’re recording, free of delay or echo. On top of that, RODE has integrated an internal pop filter into the Podcaster mk2. Minimizing those unwanted plosives sounds that can overload your mic and distort your audio output.

Enjoy full compatibility with your PC, Mac, and Linux computer. As well as fully bus-powered functionality with an LED light to indicate operation. Meaning you don’t have any bulky power cords weighing you down and limiting the portability of your Podcaster mic.

Above all, the Rode Podcaster mk2 is a broadcast-quality USB microphone ideal for podcasting, youtube videos, corporate videos, or any other production application. Giving you a simple yet professional voice-over microphone. It’s also convenient if you’re a musician or songwriter who prefers the convenience of USB, but doesn’t want to sacrifice sound quality.

You can even use the Podcaster MK2 as a microphone for your Apple iPad (in conjunction with the iPad Camera Connection Kit and a powered USB hub). Offering a high-quality recording solution straight to iPad apps like Garageband.

The Rode Podcaster comes complete with a sturdy RM2 Microphone ring mount. While the optional PSM1 Shock Mount, and PSA1 Boom Arm are available separately for professional applications.
Overall, the RODE Podcaster MK2 USB Microphone is the perfect mic to start podcasting today. Designed and made in Australia, the Podcaster is covered by Rode’s industry-leading 10-year warranty.