RODE RS-1 Dual-Dock Recharge Station


The RS-1 is a twin-dock recharge station for the RØDE TX-M2 and LB-1. Featuring a sturdy twin-dock design, the RS-1 provides rapid charging of the TX-M2’s internal LB-1 battery without the need for unsightly cables or removing the battery. Part of the RØDELink Performer Kit, the TX-M2 is the perfect wireless handheld mic for performers, weddings, schools, conferences, houses of worship, and more. Once fully charged, the LB-1 supplies 10 hours of uninterrupted power for the TX-M2. The RS-1 can charge two TX-M2s and or LB-1 batteries simultaneously, or a combination of the two.

Key Features:
Recharge station for TX-M2 and LB-1
Compact design
Locking power connector