RODE WS9-P (Pink) Deluxe Furry Windshield for VideoMicro & VideoMic Me Range


The RODE WS9-P is a deluxe microphone windshield for the RØDE VideoMicro and VideoMic Me range in Pink. It features an open-cell foam that is covered by an acoustically transparent synthetic fur. As a result, it will minimise wind noise when recording outdoors. It is a perfect solution for preserving the audio quality when you find yourself capturing audio in external locations.

Colours that match the mood of your production
The RODE WS9-P is both easy to fit and remove and is available in 5x colours. It comes in grey, pink, green, blue and orange. So you can switch the perfect colour that suits your mood or just add an additional colour to your production. The different colours also provide the additional opportunity of allocating different coloured windshields to individual camera operators for identification. The RODE WS9-P is a high-performance deluxe windshield and is compatible with the RØDE: VideoMicro, VideoMic Me, VideoMic Me-L and VideoMic Me-C.

Benefits of using a Deluxe Furry Windshield
An additional benefit of using the RODE WS9-P is that it will assist in reducing excessive pressures on a microphone’s element. These pressures may come in the form of wind current, breath blasts and vocal plosives. The WS9-P offers superior wind protection with its acoustically transparent synthetic fur outer layer and open-cell foam. It’s great for outdoor adventures and fast-moving subjects as it eliminates the wind noise or thumping blasts caused by the wind hitting the microphone.

Because audio contamination is very difficult to remove in the post-production process it often results in poor audio quality. By using a Deluxe Furry Windshield will save you valuable time and effort in the post-production process and untimely enhance your production quality.

The WS9-P (Pink) is also available in GREY, GREEN, BLUE and ORANGE.