Rycote 20 cm Hot Shoe Extension (2 X 3/8″ Male Adaptors)


20 cm Hot Shoe Extension (2 x 3/8″ male adaptors)

Product Code: 037701

Ideal to mount a pair of microphones on a mic stand (3/8″)

Main Benefits:

  • Allows for multiple accessories to be attached to a single Hot Shoe Extension
  • Increases versatility of camera

The Hot Shoe Extension allows you to fit multiple attachments such as lights and additional mics to your single hot shoe on your camera/camcorder. Because the Hot shoe Extension can rotate 360° around the shoe fixture on the camera, your microphone can be easily moved out of shot and also adjusted to achieve the optimum balance. This essential, yet affordable accessory is a must for all videographers. Also available in longer lengths.

Compatibility – https://www.mymic.rycote.com/products/20-cm-hot-shoe-extension-2-x-3_8-male-adaptors/#compatibility

MyMic – https://www.mymic.rycote.com/products/20-cm-hot-shoe-extension-2-x-3_8-male-adaptors/