Sachtler System Aktiv12T flowtech100 MS


  • aktiv12T Head with Touch & Go Plate
  • flowtech 100 Legs with Carry Handle
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • Padded Carry Bag

$13,760.00 $14,880.00

For fast setup, breakdown, adjustment, and swapping the head from sticks to a slider or other platform, the Sachtler System aktiv12T & flowtech 100 with Mid-Level Spreader provides you with an aktiv12T fluid head with Touch & Go plate, a set of flowtech 100 legs, a mid-level spreader, an attachment point, a carry handle, and a padded bag for carrying your tripod system. The aktiv12T head combines with the flowtech 100 legs to help you create smooth pans and tilts with cameras up to 35.3 lb, with a stable platform for close to the ground low-angle to fully extended high-angle shots. The attachment point allows you to mount accessories on the legs, while the padded bag keeps your gear together and protected during transport and storage.

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