SmallRig RA-D85 Parabolic Softbox 3586


1. Develop the latest generation of quick-release chuck design, ultra-saving pressing structure, Only press and lift simplify installation and disassembly, save time and effort.
2. Adopt high-reflective coating + Oxford lattice double fabric structure, solid outdoor grade materials, more durable; high-reflective coating, while retaining the original color temperature and CRI, give a more uniform soft light effect.
3. 16 umbrella ribs three-dimensional support, to create a more circular surface, shape a certain depth of the surface effect. using materials from the military umbrella field, lighter and tougher, with high elasticity, high-temperature resistance, and can withstand tens of thousands of presses without deformation.
4. Umbrella ribs are all externally mounted to ensure smooth and even coating on the inner side, without affecting the internal reflected light function, what’s more, umbrella bones don’t come off the Velcro easily.
5. Comes with two high-quality soft cloth and a grille, which can be freely selected according to needs.