Strand Leko LED Outdoor Profile Full Colour


The Strand Leko Outdoor Profile is a modern successor to the iconic Strand Leko, but in a sturdy IP65 housing built to withstand the elements. Designed to take the performance outside no matter the weather, this profile fixture is available in a full color version and higher output cold white version. The full color version uses an RGBALC (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime & Cyan) color mixing system for a wide mixable color spectrum, but it can be easily controlled with traditional CYM controls using the SmartColor Control system. To compliment the Full Color version, a high output cold white (5600K) version is available, optimized to give even greater power for long distance projection applications. The onboard zoom and focus can be adjusted manually or via DMX, and has a range of 18° to 30°. The Leko LED Outdoor also includes a four-shutter framing system, and an optional gobo rotating / indexable gobo rotator is available as well.