Strand Leko LED Profile Full Colour


The Strand Leko LED Profile is the modern successor to the iconic Strand Leko that inspired generations of designers. This profile fixture is available in a full color version as well as two tunable white versions. The full color version uses an RGBALC (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime & Cyan) color mixing system for a wide mixable color spectrum, but it can be easily controlled with traditional CYM controls using the SmartColor Control system. To compliment the Full Color version, two white output versions are available—a warm tunable white (2700K to 4500K) and cold tunable white (4000K to 7000K) variety—both of which offer a consistent CRI exceeding >94 CRI across all color temperatures.

In addition to the innovated color control, the Strand Leko LED utilizes new fan control technology, ensuring these new high-powered LED fixtures are suitable for use in the quietists of applications. To simplify installations, the Leko LED uses the SPX Smart Gate found on legacy SPX and PL4 fixtures and is compatible with existing SPX lenses. An optional universal lens tube is also available for use with legacy Strand LEKO lens tubes and other common lens systems.