TecArt Dimmer VX Rack Mount 3 channel 12kW


The TecArt series of 19” rack-mount dimmer racks are an Australian designed and manufactured high performance dimmer rack for the professional film & television market. They utilise Solid State Relay (SSR) output devices for the utmost in reliability. They are able to withstand short circuit outputs for almost indefinite periods of time without damage.

A number of options are available, the main option being the inclusion of a full LCD display and keypad, to enable extended functionality, such as soft-patch, internal memory scene, interactive test mode and local dimming, eliminating the need for a DMX desk for control. The rack is supplied with 3 C-Form 63A outlets on the rear.

• 63A Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker protection of outputs.
• DMX status LED and phase 1/2/3 LEDs.
• LED indicators for channel operation.
• Dimmer curves and soft-patch.
• Simple test functions per channel built-in.
• DMX-512 control.
• High rise time toroidal chokes.
• Three phase operation.
• Internal quiet fan with microprocessor auto control.
• High performance SSR devices.
• Supplied with 3 x 63A C-Form outlets.
• Supplied with 1.5m mains cable.