Tenba Axis V2 16L Backpack – Black


16L Backpack

Quicker Access to Laptop or Tablet

Two Tripod / Monopod Carrying Options

Trolley Strap

Trolley Strap

Twin Sternum Straps


Tenba’s Axis collection was inspired by the bags and cases we’ve made for the military for over 40+ year history, and there have been a lot of them.

The new Axis V2 bags are available in two fabrics and colours. First, in the black, we’ve got Tenba’s Helix All-Weather nylon which is super water and abrasion resistant. Second, in the camo, we’ve got the military-grade Multicam Black, which is a unique camouflage with gradients and darker tones.

Both fabrics are coated for water repellency, but when the crazy wet weather hits, just pull out the rain cover to give the pack an extra layer of protection. The WeatherWrap is silver on one side to reflect the sun on hot days, and black on the other side when you need to blend in.

For content creators, there’s a tall pocket that’s perfect for a gimbal or monopod. The same pocket can be used to hold a large water bottle.

Cables and other accessories can be organized in the front pocket. It’s even deep enough for a rain jacket or other clothing.

Three Points of Access
Axis packs can be worked out of from three different points of entry. You’ve got side access for the quickest on-body gear swap, top access for when you want to work out of the bag yet maintain a small, discreet footprint and full rear access when you need to have all your gear available at once. If there was ever a maximum amount of camera gear accessibility in one bag, this is it. And the big advantage to having the primary opening at the back is that when you put the bag down on the ground, the straps stay elevated, so they don’t get dirty, and they don’t transfer mud to your clothes.

MOLLE Compatible Loops
The front and side panels, and the waist belt, all have MOLLE-compatible loops which add a level of expandability that’s versatile and just as useful for photographers and filmmakers as it is for the military. You can use the zip-out pocket and included straps to attach a tripod, or you can attach optional Tenba Lens Capsules, Reload Battery Pouches and Card Wallets. On top of that, you can attach any one of thousands of MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories that you’ll find at a military surplus store. To give added function, Tenba’s MOLLE webbing has a subtle reflective thread running through it, so even though this bag is stealthy, you’ll be safe if you’re wearing it while riding a bike or walking on the street at night.

AirTag and Tile Tracker Pocket
Each pack has a hidden neoprene sleeve that securely fits an AirTag or Tile Bluetooth Tracker so you can always find your camera bag. It’s tucked inside the zippered pocket. Not only is the sleeve out of sight, once you put the tracker inside it’s still hidden from someone who opens the pocket. It’s a sad reality, but camera bag theft is not uncommon, especially in tourist areas.

Twin Sternum Straps
The twin sternum strap system on the Airflow harness allows for superior load-balancing across the chest. This benefits everyone, but in particular, for female users, they can position the straps above and below the bust, and it’s a game changer for all-day comfort. If anyone wants to just use a single sternum strap like you see on every other backpack in the world, the lower strap can slide off at the bottom. Additional comfort comes from Tenba’s exclusive Pivot-Fit straps which auto adjust to different body shapes. Plus, everything back here is covered in ventilating and moisture-wicking 3D airmesh. Finally, there’s a trolley strap for secure piggyback travel on a rolling case. The waist belt is removable if you want to slim down the pack for lighter loads.

External Dimensions
Height: 47cm
Width: 25cm
Depth: 20cm

Internal Dimensions:
Height: 43cm
Width: 23cm
Depth: 13cm

Weight: 1.3kg
Laptop Compartment: 29 x 19 x 1cm
Tablet Compartment: 28cm

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