Vari-Lite VL6500 Wash


The VL6500 WASH takes the big picture appeal and stand-out power of the VL6000 Beam and adds full color mixing and a versatile 6-16˚ beam diffusion. The most distinctive aspect of this fixture is Vari-Lite’s iconic Dichro*fusion radial diffusion system. The distinctive blades bring back a classic look that has been beloved lighting professionals since the days of the legendary VL5 and Series 500 luminaires.

With its CYM+CTO system and fixed color wheels, the VL6500 WASH combines dynamic color effects and crossfades with a broad beam spread, high output and head-turning heritage. From narrow shafts to wide area washes, the VL6500 WASH delivers powerful visual impact—all in glorious Vari-Lite color.