Velcro 0172 Hook Black 25mm x 25m


A general purpose, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive with superior bond strength and high temperature performance. It is excellent on a wide range of substrates with very good adhesion on high-energy surfaces. 0172 can be used in automotive, computer, medical and other markets. 0172 has moderate tack, achieving full bond strength in 24 hours. When cured, 0172 features mild moisture resistance. Special features include: Operating temperature range -28 C to 107 C, Acrylic based and pressure sensitive adhesive. Ideal for: POS Displays, Signage, Automotive, Wall brackets, Computer housing, Sports equipment, Envelopes. For best results it is advised that the surface should be clean, dry and free of oils. Use VELCRO Brand clean wipe with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) to free surface of contaminates and allow to dry.