VSGO DKL-20 Portable Camera Cleaning & Maintenance Kit for APS-C Cameras


This kit can clean your APS-C sensor, your lenses, the LCD display, and your lens filters.

Vacuum sealed and dust-free sensor cleaners ensure against any impurities are introduced to your camera sensor.

The dust blower is compact and easy to use to effectively remove dust and dust particles from your lens or filter without touching the surface.

The spray and sensor cleaner is alcohol-free and does not contain any toxic or combustible additives.

Kit contents
1 x Lens Cleaning Spray 30mL
1 x Sensor Liquid Cleaner 15mL
6 x APS-C sensor swabs
4 x Wet wipes
1 x lens cleaning pen
1 x mini dust blower
50 x lens tissues
1 x Travel Bag