VSGO DKL-6 Multifunctional APS-C Camera Cleaning Kit


The VSGO DKL-6 Essential Cleaning Kits Package contains:

Kit contents:

2 aps-c sensor cleaning swabs
1 air blower cleaner
1 microfiber cloth
1 lens pen
1 lens brush
2 wet wipes
50pcs lens cleaning tissue paper
1 small carrying bag

The multi-laminate nanoscale active carbon powder on the professional lens pen effectively absorbs oil stains, fingerprints and dirt from the lens.

The super fine and soft anti-static brush gets rid of dust in the seams.

The hurricane air blower has super soft nozzle that prevents damage on the lens or sensor from accidental contact. The powerful airstream effectively blows out the dust.

The sensor cleaning swabs are compatible with all APS-C type sensors. Each swab is packed in individual vacuum package in a 100% dust free environment.

The included small convenience bag keeps all the essential cleaning tools together and handy to use.