Zhiyun Molus G60 LED Monolight Bicolour 60W Combo Kit with softbox and accessories


MOLUS G60 makes professional lighting much simpler for everyone, with 60W high power output supported by innovative cooling technology. Serving as a universal film light, G60 ensures your creation is no longer limited to the site, space and time. Weighing only 300g and as small as a Rubik’s Cube, G60 redefines your imagination of COB lights, bringing you a brand new lighting experience without cumbersome burdens.

Supported by ZHIYUN self-developed discharge technology, MOLUS G60 is always ready for a 100% output to firmly back you up. The convenient storage facilitates a fast lighting setup anytime, anywhere, enhancing your efficiency at both interior and exterior scenarios. G60 adopts DynaVort Cooling System that consists of gyroscope modelling heat sinks and FOC fans to prevent overheating. The DynaVort technology is based on the fluid dynamics and attitude-control algorithm, significantly raising the cooling efficiency through intelligent control over airflow emissions.

Gives you an excellent colour rendition reserving the most subtleties with CRI≥96, TLCI≥97, and allow you to adjust colour temperature and brightness with ease. Illuminance: 2367Lux (6500K at 100% brightness) at 1m. CCT: 2700K-6200K. CRI≥96, TLCI≥97.

Combo Kit includes MOLUS G60 x 1, Bowens Mount Adaptor A (ZY Mount) x 1, Mini Reflector (ZY Mount) x 1, Mini Softbox (ZY Mount) x 1, ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion x 1, Tripod x 1, Power Adaptor & Cable x 1, Power Adaptor Organizer Bag x 1, Storage Bag x 1, Quick Start Guide x 1.