Aputure Light Storm C300DII LED Monolight Daylight 300W


Aputure Light Storm C300DII LED Monolight Daylight 300W.

Aputure Light Storm 300DII Bowens Mount LED Light Kit offers Aputure’s most powerful single chip COB light solution. The 300DII is well known for its silent head fan and passive power supply offing power with silent running plus high regard for its robust design and control functionality. 20% more powerful that the original 300D, it improves on an already highly regarded system.

The control box has been completely redesigned. it now is completely passive meaning it has no fan inside. Aputure’s new heat sink design is now completely silent and incorporates the previously separate power brick for even greater convenience. Constructed of aluminium alloy, with a new concealed antenna and military-grade paracord strap, the control box is ready to withstand the rigours of any film set. The control box incorporates and new mounting system designed by Aputure for super fast attachment and release from it mounting position.

DMX control and WiFi via Aputure’s SIDUS APP functionality that connects directly to the unit with no additional hardware needed.   Two 14.4 volt V-Lock batteries can be used for powering the unit remotely and if needed a single battery can be used for a 50% output.

The 300DII also has 9 built-in lighting FX, such as “Paparazzi”, “Fireworks”, “Lightning”, “Faulty Bulb”, “TV”, “Pulsing”, “Strobe”, “Explosion” and “Fire”.