Nanlite Forza 300 LED Monolight Daylight 300W


Quality, Power and Portability

Nanlite Forza 300 LED. Currently the most powerful 300 watt LED COB light available. This unit offers a Mono housing with Bowens S mount built in supported by a Control unit that attaches to a stand or can stand or lie down on the floor. The Control unit houses the power supply or can accept 14.4 volt Lock battery for remote lighting situations. The head itself weighs only 2.3 kg offering the ability to easily boom or grip when needed. Output is 29440 Lumens (43060 Lux 5600K @ 1 meter),CRI/TLCI of 98/95. Control is offered in 1% increments and Remote control and or WiFi options are also available separately.



Fixture Type: Monolight
Power Source: AC/DC
Colour Temperature: Daylight
Battery Connection: V Mount Included
Kit Style: Light Unit Only
Specific Color Temperature: 5600K
Chassis Color: Black
Cooling: Active Silent Fan
CRI: 98
TLCI: 95
Dimming: 0-100%
Lumen Output 5600K: 29440 Lumens
Power Source: DC 48V/8.4A
Beam Angle Flood: 45 Degrees (Requires FL-20 Fresnel)
Beam Angle Spot: 10 Degrees (Requires FL-20 Fresnel)
Runtime: At 10% Brightness: (2x) 14.8V Sony V-Mount Style 150WH: 10 hours
At 50% Brightness: (2x) 14.8V Sony V-Mount Style 150WH: 2 hours
At 100% Brightness: (2x) 14.8V Sony V-Mount Style 150WH: 1 hour
DMX Control: Yes
Wireless Control Type: Wireless Remote / Wi-Fi via Adapter
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Battery Compatibility: Sony V-Mount 14V Battery (Not Included)
Max Power Consumption: 300W
Mount: 5/8″ Receiver with a rotating yoke
Lightshaper Mount: Bowens S Style​
Special Effects: Lightning, TV screen, Flash, Malfunctioning Light Bulb​
Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.1 x 8.1 x 4.8″ (30.73 x 20.57 x 12.19cm)​
Weight: 2.31kg​​


Lux at 1m 5600K: 13260
Lux at 3m 5600K: 1598
Lux at 5m 5600K: 655
Lux at 1m 5600K with Reflector: 43060
Lux at 3m 5600K with Reflector: 4073
Lux at 5m 5600K with Reflector: 1462
Lux at 0.5m 5600K Spot: 178331
Lux at 1m 5600K Spot: 108679
Lux at 3m 5600K Spot: 13450
Lux at 5m 5600K Spot: 4765
Lux at 0.5m 5600K Flood: 117746
Lux at 1m 5600K Flood: 37158
Lux at 3m 5600K Flood: 3699
Lux at 5m 5600K Flood: 1379​