Avenger A3042CS Stand Overhead 42 Chrome 135/423cm 40kg Payload optional wheels A9000N


Avenger overhead stands are built in chrome steel, incorporate a dual purpose head that has a 4 1/2 in grip head and 28 mm/ 1 1/8 in receiver.
The style of these stands are nicknamed ”Mombo Combo”. The Avenger A3042CS is a 4 section, 3 riser stand and is very popular in supporting overhead frames, fold away frames, butterflies and butterfly pipe kits. Max height on this stand is 423 cm/166.5 in and is capable of taking a max load of 40 kg/88.2 lbs. Braked wheels (A9000N) are not included with this stand and can be easily ordered and attached if needed.

Recommended Accessories: H2012, A9000N Wheels, H2008, H1200M, H2000M, 087WBK, E200, H9000, H2512, G200-1, E200.