Avenger A5043 Stand Roller 43 Low Base 135/430cm 12kg Payload Weighs 6.3kg


The Avenger A5043 low base baby junior roller stand is a triple riser stand. The base and lower column are made of chrome steel and the triple risers are in aluminum. Capable of a max height of 430 cm/169.3 in, this stand is capable of holding loads up to 12 kg/26.5 lbs. This stand weighs an amazing 6.3 kg/13.9 lbs! The top pin is a baby 16 mm/ 5/8 in and works with all baby receivers found on many popular HMI’s, LED panels and strobes. Braked wheels stand comes with the A5043. Recommended accessories: D600, G200-1, D200, D520, F830, F830TH, 163-10, 163-38, E390, F301, F300.