Avenger C338 Clamp Quick Action baby clamp 20mm to 52mm Range 50Kg Payload


The Avenger C338 Quick Action Baby Clamp with 16 mm/5/8 inch spigot or pin is ideal for all types of lights or fixtures with a baby receiver. This slim, lightweight baby clamp designed with a unique fast quick action mechanism which locks down the clamp quickly, followed by minor adjustments using the T-Handle can easily hold lights up to 50 kg/110.2 lb. The jaws of this quick action baby clamp can grip pipe diameters ranging from 20 to 52 mm/0.78 to 2.04 inch. Along with the attached safety cable with carabiner for the clamp there is a dedicated slot to use an additional safety cable if needed. Recommended Accessories: C155, C155-01, C155-02, FF3276, E390, C1575B.