Avenger H9000 Avenger DIY Butterfly Pipe Corner Kit pipe sold separately 38mm


The H9000 D.I.Y. Butterfly Pipe Corner Kit allows the possibility of making frames of any dimension. The kit comes complete with 4 corners, 2 straight pipe connectors with ears and 2 straight pipe connectors without ears. The nominal bore of this flexible butterfly pipe corner kit is 1.5 inches/3.8 cm. Aluminium Speed rail piping is what is used to customise the size of this butterfly kit. The outer dimension of the corners and pipe connectors is 1.9 in/48.3 mm. This size is very popular in the UK and the European markets. 1.5 in speed rail can be found in the North American market but the preferred size is 1 1/4 in. Recommended Accessories: H6BAG, D400, A3058CS, A3059CS, 087WBK, A5036CS, A5042CS, A1045CS, A1045B, G200-1.