Dynacore D-2BS-24 Converter V-Lock 14.8V input to 24V output


D-2BS/A-24 is a power station designed to utilise two 14.4 volt V-Lock batteries creating a power source outputing power for any device needing 24Volts, such as an LED panel.
It can supply up to 240Watt output (24V, 10A). 
Designed to work with equal power batteries where a larger capacity is preferred

LCD Display indicates Output Voltage

The unit has a Low Voltage Indicator LED to warn of potential problems shown here:
Color Red=Under/Over Voltage
Color Green=Good
Green Blinking=Battery Low

Output is via 3 Pin Female XLR Output
24V, 10A, 240W(Max)

A Hexagon connector can be mounted to a stand using  a super clamp or convi clamp.