Fxlion BM-HV300 B-Mount Battery 28.8V 293Wh


28V B-Mount Battery
The ultra volume energy ratio design, use high power cells, rechargeable Li-ion battery, no memory effect.
With 2*D-Tap,1*USB-A and 1*USB-C multiple outputs options for equipment power supply.
Maximum 250W/10A output can power high voltage camera and high power lighting.
Build in smart PCB for over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge and over-current protections.
5-level indicators.
Build in smart communication system, can display the battery voltage / battery capacity / operating time / working current on the
camera with communication function.
More safe and compatible structure, with rubber corners can adapt to falling in the work without damaging the shell.
Use special materials for battery negative and positive can bear the temperature up to 230℃, The problem of high-temperature
damaged components caused by high current discharge is solved.
Use professional B-mount or USB-C charger to charge B-mount battery.
D-Tap,USB-A and USB-C ports with dust cap design.


Voltage/Capacity: 28.8V/10.2Ah/293Wh
Output: 250W/10A(Max)
D-tap Output: 16V 60W(Max), DC16V(constant)
USB-A Output: 5V/2A 10W(Max)
USB-C Output: 5V~20V/3A 60W(Max)
USB-C Input: 5V~20V/3A 60W(Max)

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