K5600 Alpha Frensel 300 Dual Colour


Based on the Alpha 800 HMI.

  • Delivers crisp fresnel highlight/shadow quality comparable to tradition tungsten or HMI lights
  • Smoothly adjustable beam angle from 5-55°.
  • 6.9” (175mm) diameter lens is removable for an even sharper light

Alpha 300 is built around K5600’s exclusive 14mm LES (Light Emitting Surface) allowing for perfect light-to-lens ratios, assisted by PlanoConvex optics that direct more light forward, leading to a brighter and more even light. Each includes :

  • K5600’s unique 600W Bi-Color matrix LED chip
  • 100 lumen/watt output and 95+ CRI capability
  • 300W max output (from 2700 – 6500° K)
  • Wired and wireless DMX compatibility, using Lumen Radio’s protocol
  • 9’ Head Cable (Head extensions are standard K5600 items that you probably already have)