Kondor Blue 12V Metal D-Tap Hub 4 Way Port Power Tap Splitter (1/4″- 20 Thread)

Kondor Blue

The Kondor Blue D-Tap Hub has become infamous for its all-metal CNC aluminum enclosure, and with our latest updates we’ve made it even better. The D-Tap hub now features multiple mounting points on two sides and the bottom—all with Arri anti-twist holes. This makes mounting a range of accessories that much better and more secure.

In an effort to keep the profile as thin as possible, the mounting holes aren’t quite as deep as on a cage. Right out of the gate, accessories such as the Kondor Blue Monitor Cage Rails with interchangeable anti-twist pins work great. Our Anti-Twist Nato Clamp has a Cinderella fit. Any of our Mini Quick Releases with the anti-twist Cradles also marry up perfectly with the D-Tap Hub. If your mounting accessory seems to be bottoming out, don’t worry, we have you covered with 2x included Rubber O-Rings to help shim and secure whatever you’re mounting. If you have any particular mounting questions, reach out to our support team and we’ll make sure your setup is dialed in.

In addition to the variety of mounting options, we’ve also added a mini voltmeter readout so you can confidently keep track of battery power consumption. With 1x 12.0V and 3x 14.8V, you’ll be set to distribute power to your entire rig making a D-Tap Hub a must-have in your kit.