Nanlite BH-FZ60 Battery handle NPF


A handheld grip, battery buckle, and low mount stand all-in-one.

This clever Nanlite battery mount holds two Sony NP-F (L series) batteries to power the Nanlite Forza 60. The battery handle also doubles as a low-mount light stand.

The BH-FZ60 handle also makes it easy to handhold the Foza 60 for lighting moving subjects, for light painting, and for creating a ‘wash of light’ effect in your video.

The battery handle grip can be mounted on a light stand when you wish to power your Nanlite Forza 60 from NP-F batteries.

The BH-FZ60 battery handle includes a 5.5mm DC-out cable to connect to the DC-in port on the Nanlite Forza 60 or Forza 60B.