Rode VideoMic ME-C Microphone for Smart Phones with USB-C


The RODE VideoMic Me-C gives you a compact and lightweight directional microphone with a USB-C connection. Ideal for use with a USB-C-equipped mobile phone, the VideoMic ME-C delivers high-quality, portable, on-the-go recording.

Featuring a flexible mounting bracket, the VideoMic ME-C accommodates a wide range of smartphones. So you’re able to fit the VideoMic ME to either the primary camera or the selfie camera. There’s also a rear 3.5mm headphone jack so you can play background audio while you’re recording. As well as an easy way to playback your videos without having to remove the microphone.

What’s more, the VideoMic ME-C comes complete with a deluxe furry windshield. So you’re able to enjoy clear, noise-free conditions when shooting outdoors or in adverse weather.

Above all, the VideoMic ME-C is the perfect directional microphone for your smartphone or tablet with a USB-C connection and running the latest operating system (Android OS 10 or higher).