Rycote Overcovers, Mix Colours – 6 Fur Discs (Mixed)/30 Stickies Original


Mix Colours, Overcovers pack – 30 uses (re-usable fur covers)

Product Code: 065505

Suitable for Lavalier Mics (re-usable fur covers)

Main Benefits:

Overcovers have been specifically designed for use with small personal microphones in windy outdoor conditions.

Using stickies to affix the Lavalier Mic onto the skin or on top of clothing, Overcovers also include a fur Windjammer (Furry) to be adjusted on top of the Lavalier microphone for excellent wind-noise protection.

Overcover packs contain 30 Stickies and 6 re-usable fur discs, including 2 of each colour: white, grey & black

Compatibility – https://www.mymic.rycote.com/products/065505/#compatibility

MyMic – https://www.mymic.rycote.com/products/065505/