TecArt LEDrive CV 12 Wall Mount (320W) 0-10V


LEDrive CV 12 Wall Mount is a constant voltage LED dimmer, utilising 0-10V analogue control. High PWM frequency (10 KHz) makes it flicker free and film and TV compatible. The unit has 12 channels of output, each with 5A fuse protection. It has a built-in 320W power supply.

• 0-10V control input.
• Internal power supply 12/24VDC 320W.
• Terminal strip output.
• 1 main indication LED.

• Input voltage: 100 – 240VAC.
• Power supply: Internal 320W. Can be used with external power supply.
• Dimensions: 265 (W) x 360 (L) x 70 (H).
• Mounting method: Desktop, Wall or Ceiling.
• Control input: Terminal strip.
• Outputs: 12 channels.
• Driving capacity: Up to 5A per channel, with combined total of 320W across all channels using the built-in power supply.
• Output voltage: Equal to input voltage – stabilised voltage (PWM).
• Temperature: 0 – 40 degrees Celsius.