Tilta 95mm Stackable Circular Filter Tray for Tilta Mirage


This Stackable Circular Filter Tray Holder replaces the Rubber Hood on the Tilta Mirage Matte Box and allows you to secure an additional 95mm Circular filter in front of your lens.

This is the perfect solution for using 95mm circular special effect filters at the same time as the VND Module and also allows you to mount the Rubber Hood to the front of the Tray.

This allows you mount a maximum of (4) 95mm circular filters when using Dual Filter Trays. Only one Stackable Filter Tray can be mounted at a time.

NOTE: To prevent vignetting, you will need to use focal lengths beyond 35mm for Full Frame and 24mm for S35. 

The Wireless Motor cannot be mounted to the VND Module when inserted in the Stackable Tray’s Filter Slot.

The Power Supply for Tilta Mirage Motor is not compatible when using the Stackable Filter Tray.