Tilta Basic Ring Grip Plus for DJI Ronin


The Basic Ring Grip Plus is the ultimate cost efficient support system for the DJI RS2, RS3 and RS3 Pro Gimbals.
This upgraded version of the Basic Ring Grip supports all accessories from the previous versions  including the Remote Control and Dual Channel Handles.
Utilizing a new magnesium aluminum alloy, the Basic Ring Grip Plus improves upon the previous model with a slightly lighter weight and improved durability.
The Basic Ring Grip Plus features all of the same contact points as our other models, meaning you can use the Gold or V-Mount Battery Plates to power your gimbal and accessories for longer
You can also use our Power Supply Module which provides convenient mounting and power options for accessories like external monitor or wireless video transmitters.
Our Ring Grip systems provide increased stability when compared to normal handheld operation by utilizing multiple points of contact via the two included mechanical handles.
Similar to previous versions, this also allows you to turn the gimbal’s Battery Handle into a Top Handle so you can quickly transition to low angle shots while providing additional power to your gimbal.
An integrated kickstand allows you to easily set the gimbal down in between takes.