Tilta Camera Cage for Nikon Z9 Basic Kit – Black


This Basic Camera Cage Kit provides protective armor for the Nikon Z9 and includes a few helpful accessories to expand the functionality of the Z9 in a video production environment.
The cage features 1/4”-20 threads with and without locating pins, as well as cold shoe receivers, one uniquely located on the side of the cage.
The included Quick Release Top Handle can be attached to the cage to provide an additional way to operate and handle your camera rig, while providing expanded options for mounting accessories.
The top handle includes multiple cold shoe connections for mounting external monitors or other accessories via our Cold Shoe Accessory Mounting Bracket.
This Top Handle also features a perpendicular 15mm rod holder that can secure a rod across the width of the camera, perfect for Electronic Viewfinders or monitor mounts that utilize a 15mm rod.
The bottom of the cage connects to your camera body and utilizes two additional points of contact via Security Mounting Attachments, found near the top right and left side of the camera.
The base of the cage features 1/4″-20 threads for attaching your camera to different quick release plates and natively supports our Tiltaing 19mm Studio Baseplate Type I.
The cage provides full access to the battery compartment, features a magnetic screwdriver, and can natively connect to the DJI RS2.
The system features a convenient mounting point for the Dual 15mm Rod Holder Attachment, allowing you to mount dual 15mm LWS rods to your rig.
This is a great lightweight option for securing accessories such as follow focus systems or matte boxes via LWS rods.
The cage also supports an optional 15mm Single Side Rod Holder which is an even lighter solution for mounting follow focus motors and other single rod based accessories.