Tilta Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip


The Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle attaches to the left side of the Advanced Ring Grip or the Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket.
It allows you to easily control two channels of the Nucleus Series Lens Control Motors.
Easily adjust the Focus, Iris, or Zoom on your lens with the two Focus Wheels on the Handle.
One motor can be controlled by your thumb via the focus wheel on the back of the handle and the other can be controlled via the wheel the front by your index finger.
This Handle can be mounted or used wirelessly which requires a single 18650 Battery.
It can be powered by the RS 2 Battery Handle or Battery Plate when connected to the Ring Grip.
NOTE: Please take extreme caution when mounting 18650 batteries as placing them in the wrong orientation can damage the handle.