Tilta Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket for RS 2


The Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket for DJI Ronin allows you to power your DJI RS2, RS3, or RS3 Pro via a Gold or V-Mount battery, provides additional stability while operating, and features multiple mounting points for attaching accessories.
The Power Supply Bracket allows you to mount the Ronin’s Battery Handle on the left side for additional battery life, while the threads on the right side allow for mounting the included mechanical handle in various positions and distances from the gimbal body.
The Power Supply Bracket also supports the Advanced Ring Grip’s Remote Control Handle and Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle which allows full control of the DJI RS2 or RS3 Pro and wireless follow focus systems like the Nucleus M or Nano.
NATO Rail and ¼”-20 threads allow for multiple accessories to be mounted including the DJI Ronin’s Tripod/Extended Grip.