Tilta Speed Rail Car Mounting Kit


Arm your vehicle with the Speed Rail Car Mounting Kit designed for the Hydra Predator and other car mounted shock absorbing arms!
This kit allows you to build custom speed rail rigs to support various shock absorbing arms in multiple configurations.
The kit is built around 6 pieces of speed rail, of two different sizes, that can be used on their own or interconnected to create longer pieces for specific rigging needs.
The 4 adjustable mounting clamps allow you to connect the speed rail in almost any configuration.
The kit includes 4 high capacity suction cups, each individually rated for 50 kg or around 110lbs.
These suction cups connect to the speed rail via adjustable clamps, allowing them to be placed in almost any position in order to accommodate most vehicles easily.
Utilizing 4 suction cups allows you to build an incredibly stabile foundation in which to mount shock absorbing arms or other equipment.
The included Front Tow Hook Adapter allows you to connect the system to any vehicle that already has that mounting point. which helps create a secure connection that relies on more than just suction.
Dimensions: (Outer Diameter x Inner Diameter x Length)
Long Speed Rail – 50 x 46 x 730mm
Short Speed Rail – 50 x 46 x 355mm