Tilta Tilta ARCA Manfrotto Dual Quick Release Plate – Black


This Dual Quick Release Plate features both an ARCA Swiss and Manfrotto connection type, making it the perfect option for filmmakers who commonly use both of these support systems.
This plate utilizes two 1/4″-20 screws, which provides a secure connection and limits the possibility of the camera rotating when mounted to the plate.
These screws feature a pop out thumbscrew design, allowing them to be secured by hand or via a flathead screwdriver.
This quick release plate also features an integrated strap holder which allows you to connect a small strap (not included) to the plate in order to secure it to your tripod or support system when not connected to a camera.
Please note this plate is based on DJI’s ARCA Standard and may not be compatible with all ARCA or Manfrotto Receivers. Compatibility is not guaranteed.