Tilta Tilta F970 Battery Plate V2 – Black


The Tilta L Series Battery Plate is a fantastic lightweight option for powering your camera or accessories via Sony L-Series Batteries.
The Battery Plate conveniently mounts to your camera cage via a 1/4″-20 screw with locating pins, that can be secured with a flat head screwdriver or by hand.
Paired with a silicone pad on the back, this plate has an incredibly secure connection which prevents the plate from rotating.
The Plate features several power output options such as USB-A (5V/2.1A), DC Out (8V/3A), USB-C In/Out (18W PD), and DC Out (12V/2A).
The USB-C port is especially useful as it supports dual directional power for input and output.
This allows you to power accessories via USB-C PD, as well as charge Sony L-Series Batteries while they are connected to the plate.
The design does not limit the size or brand of the battery, meaning this plate is compatible with a wide range of L-Series sizes and brands.
The Battery Indicator on the unit will provide battery life information and let you know the charging status when charging the battery via the USB-C port.