Tilta Tilta Float System RS 2 Battery Counterweight Bracket


This RS Battery Counterweight Bracket is a lightweight option for powering and balancing the Float System via the RS 2’s Battery Handle.

Simply mount the battery handle the same way you would when connecting it to the gimbal body to secure the handle to the bracket.

The Bracket attaches to the base of the Float System’s post via a NATO rail connection.

You can then run power from the bracket to the Float via the included 2 Pin Lemo to 2 Pin Lemo Power Cable.

This kit also includes 6x 220g stackable counterweights that connect via the 1/4″-20 threads on the bracket.

This allows you to make fine-tune the balance of your setup and is the perfect option for balancing the Float when using smaller camera bodies such as DSLR’s.

NOTE: This connects directly to the bottom of the Float’s Post and is not specifically designed to connect to other battery plates.

This bracket can still be attached to battery plates via an additional Nato Clamp (not included), but will not be as effective when used with heavier weight.