Tilta Tilta Lightweight Shoulder Rig – Black


Cross design supports two standards with one baseplate. Compatible with Manfrotto and Arca standard quick release plates.
Highly durable. Compact and lightweight.
Custom-made handle extension and monitor extension cable for mounting DJI Ronin 4D.
ARRI standard rosettes for secure mounting. Compatible with the DJI Ronin 4D handgrip.
The coiled cable and cable clamp limit cable tension and protect the ports from damage.
Custom-made USB-C cable for connecting DJI Ronin 4D monitor.
*Compatible with most compact cinema cameras and DSLRs*
NOTE: The Manfrotto/ARCA Baseplate is designed for the included Tilta Quick Release Plate.
Some other Manfrotto/ARCA Quick Release Plates may be compatible, but cannot be guaranteed.
For more information on how to adjust the tension of the lever on your Baseplate, please contact: [email protected] 
Arm your camera with the Tilta Lightweight Shoulder Rig! This is the perfect solution for lightweight handheld camera operating.
The base of this rig features a Dual Manfrotto ARCA Baseplate, which allows you to use either systems’ quick release plate or the included two in one Manfrotto/ARCA Plate.
This baseplate can be removed when needed and other baseplates or dovetails can be mounted to the main plate of this shoulder rig via 1/4″-20 threads.
When used with our Tilta Standard Dovetail, you are able to quickly transition from a tripod or other support system to this lightweight shoulder rig.
The included velcro shoulder pad can also be independently adjusted, allowing for perfect balance of the camera system on your shoulder.
The adjustable, extendable rosette arms allow you to fine tune the length and angle of the hand grips for more comfortable operating in multiple positions.
The extension arms feature a 1/4″-20 thread on the arm itself, allowing you to mount an external monitor via an articulating arm.
This allows you to mount your monitor further away from you than would be possible when mounting to the camera body directly.
The rosette bridge can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing for this rig to be quickly folded up for transportation.
The 15mm LWS Rod Mount on the back of the rig supports a pair of 15mm rods and rod based accessories such as various battery plates.
This helps provide power for your camera and balances the rig on your shoulder as it can shift the center of gravity closer to you which makes it easier and more comfortable to operate for longer periods of time.
In the back of the rig you will also find a NATO Rail which allows you to mount counter weights and other accessories via a small adapter plate.
This NATO Adapter will also allow you to mount the included Rear Shoulder Support Pad which provides an additional point of contact when operating.
1:Tilta Lightweight Shoulder Rig – Black(2.01.TA-LSR-B)*1
2:Tiltaing Rosette Handgrip – Black(2.01.TA-LSR-RH-B)*2 pcs
3:Tiltaing ARCA Manfrotto Dual Baseplate – Black(2.01.TA-SR-BSP-B)*1
4:Soft Carrying Case for Lightweight Shoulder Rig(2.01.TA-LSR-SCC)*1
Dimensions: 16.5 x 5.5 x 14 inches
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Materials: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Color: Black