Tilta Tiltaing Advanced Side Wooden Handle Type IX – Black(One Pair)


These Wooden Handles feature an ergonomic design in order to provide maximum comfort when operating a camera of any size.
They can attach directly to your Ronin 4D Camera Body or to the sides of the DJI High Bright Remote Monitor.
This makes these the perfect option for comfortably handling your camera or monitor when electronic control is not needed.
A Release Button on the side of the mount allows you to easily adjust the angle of the handles to help you find the perfect operating position as well as to re-position quickly when adjusting for different shots.
These handles are carved from black walnut wood and further assembled with CNC-milled high grade aluminum-alloy.
1:Tiltaing Advanced Right Side Wooden Handle – Black (TA-ARWH-B)*1
2:Tiltaing Advanced Left Side Wooden Handle – Black (TA-ALWH-B)*1
3:Tiltaing Advanced Left Side Handle Attachment Type IX – Black(TA-AHA9-L-B)*1
4:Tiltaing Advanced Right Side Handle Attachment Type IX – Black(TA-AHA9-R-B)*1
Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 8.5 inches
Weight: 1.73 lbs
Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel, wood
Color: Wood