Nanlite Nanlux 120cm Parabolic Softbox for Evoke 1200


Quality soft light can easily be produced with this Parabolic Softbox for the Evoke

The Nanlux 120cm Parabolic softbox uses the Nanlux NLM mount to quickly attach and detach from Nanlux fixtures such as the Evoke 1200.

Soft and even light is produced with this shaper and with the included eggcrate you can narrow your light beam down to focus on and control the spread of light.

Featuring easy setup, silver interior to maximise the output and a sturdy construction.

Dimensions: 120cm diameter


1 X 120cm Parabolic Softbox

1 X Inner Diffuser

1 X Soft Diffuser

1 X Eggcrate

1 X Carry Bag

See attached video for an example video of the shape of the light made by this softbox